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The Foundation delivers gifts to thousands of children each year through the national Bear-Able Gift Program. Items such as board games, toys, crayons, coloring books, markers, video games, iTunes gift cards, puzzles, teddy bears, craft kits… all sorts of things that make children smile and laugh… are distributed to hospitals across the country. The Bear-Able Gift Program is the largest supplier of gifts to children with cancer in North America. In 2018, CCRF sent more than 16,000 toys to 8,011 children currently receiving cancer treatment in hospitals across the U.S. 


Families of children with cancer often face financial difficulties. The parents are faced with the decision to be by the side of their child, or work to help support the family.  Many taking unpaid leaves, or even losing their jobs as a result.  Medical bills start to arise, adding additional expenses and stress for the families.  Household bills become overwhelming; utilities are in jeopardy of being shut-off or an eviction notice is received. The Helping Hands Fund provides assistance by making payments directly to the utility companies and landlords, on behalf of the families, in efforts to reduce some of the burdens for these families.  While ensuring that each child has a warm, safe place to call home while recovering from cancer.  The average amount each family receives is $300.  


NEW in 2019!  Therapeutic Services Program offering free counseling sessions and support groups to the children and families dealing with any cancer diagnosis. The team at CCRF recognizes the importance of the mental health of the entire family at the time of cancer diagnosis and during treatment. Another piece of the therapeutic program is Friendship Baskets, which provide a pick me up for the families who have received the tragic news of a diagnosis. Items such as local donations of products, services, meals, games, lists of resources and more are included in the baskets in effort to assist with raising spirits, and offering the friendship of CCRF’s team to the families.

Bear-Able Gifts

delivers gifts to thousands of children battling cancer each year

Helping Hands

provides financial relief by making payments directly to utility companies and landlords

Therapeutic Services

offers free counseling sessions and support groups to the children and families

Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation

Improves the mental, social and emotional well-being of children with cancer and their families.


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